T4140 PET Masking tape

P-Cut tape is a tape made from a polyethylene cloth backing that allows for easy cutting by hand. The product is also very compact.
No. 4140 is a polyethylene cloth tape specifically for masking.4140-2.jpg
Even easier to cut by hand and achieving a smoother tape cut line.
Achieves balance of being highly adhesive, hard to peeling off and with low residue.
  • Easy to cut by hand. Achieving a smoother tape cut line.
  • Strong adhesion and excellent for removability. Less adhesive residue after pasting for long time
  • Strong adhesion to various materials
  • You can also cut the longitudinal direction of the tape
  • For masking
  • For paint masking
  • For renovation works
  • Used in construction masking
  • Indoor masking
  • Concrete masking

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